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Corporate Social Investment

SAS Cares

About Us

SAS Cares is the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) wing of Sandock Austral Shipyards (SAS). This foundation was borne out of an existential purpose and vision of being “In Business for the Greater Good”.
SAS Cares aims to realise its purpose through empowerment initiatives.
We believe in the principle of helping people to recognize and utilise their strengths and potential in uplifting themselves and their communities. We, therefore, give effect to this empowerment objective through programmes that focus on skills development, training, education, community outreach and through running the SAS Enterprise Development Programme.
Through cooperation and collaboration with our stakeholders (government, private sector and other non-profit organisations) we develop and support projects that empower people, businesses and communities to be economically and environmentally sustainable.


In Business for the Greater Good.


We strive to make a strong impact and contribution in the maritime sector and promote community, business and environmental sustainability. We’ll achieve this by initiating projects that empower and develop individuals as well as companies by providing support, opportunities, mentorship and skills development programmes.

Core values


  • To advance maritime sector skills through training, internships and learnership programmes.
  • To support businesses by improving their competitiveness & sustainability in order to become part of the mainstream economy and create employment.
  • To create a sustainable supply chain
  • Creating strategic alliances with our external stakeholders which align with our vision and mission
  • To develop and support projects which promote education for all people though; educational sponsorships/bursaries, career expos and mentorship programmes
  • Collaborate with and support employees’ and clients’ community development initiatives and outreach programmes
  • To aid with employee wellness programmes
  • To develop mentorship programmes that contribute to career mobility for employees
  • Contributing to environmental sustainability
  • To promote people and businesses in the maritime industry
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